1. Participation is by application. Intending exhibitors are requested to make a submission via email by midnight, Friday 31 July, 2020. Late entries will not be accepted.


2. Successful exhibitors will be notified no later than Monday 2 August, 2020.


3. All entries must be the original work of the submitting artist.


4. There is no limit to the number of entries submitted. A non-refundable entry fee of $30 +GST applies to all artists, with an additional $10 fee for all additional works. 


5. All artwork will be available for sale, unless otherwise specified by the artist


6. Up to 2 photographs or drawings of proposed artwork must be provided. Digital Image of completed work or digital concept drawing saved as a .jpg file with: SURNAME + TITLE OF WORK, 300dpi, approx 10 x 15cm, max file size 2mb.


7. Please also submit the following details (for promotional purposes): - Title of Work (for website/digital) - Materials used and type of construction (eg. metal, wood…) - Price - Address and phone number (for correspondence) - Brief artist’s statement (for website/digital) - Brief resume (for website/digital)




Works are to be delivered and installed and de-installed by the artist, using labour, materials and equipment supplied by the artist on dates which will be confirmed directly with successful applicants. Freight transport and handling costs to and from Killalea State Park are the responsibility of the artist. Artists will ensure their works have been installed in a manner that is safe for the public and must comply with occupational health and safety requirements. For larger works, this may require written structural engineering certification for footings, plinths and other securing mechanisms. Delivery of works sold at the exhibition to the purchaser is the responsibility of the artist. Artists are responsible for ensuring their works during transport and on-site. Artists grant Killalea State Park a limited licence to reproduce images of the sculptures and biographical material about the artists by any means and in any media for archival and promotional purposes leading up to and during the event and after the event for a period of 24 months by the event management, or its sponsors,. The artists will be acknowledged in such material. Site meetings will be by appointment with the site manager.




Installation and de-installation

Installation and de-installation times will be confirmed once your application has been successful. Artists who have time constraints may, by previous arrangement with Management, request for a later removal/storage of their sculpture or alternatively request an early installation date. Exhibiting artists will be responsible for the installation and de-installation of their sculptures. A small team of volunteers will be available on the day to provide assistance.Upon de-installation, it is the exhibiting artist’s responsibility to return the site to as close to its original state as is achievable. All holes must be filled and the landform rehabilitated to its original contours.


SITE SELECTION & Requirements


Killalea State Park is accessed daily by the general public utilising the many facilities or surf and with its positioning on the coast, it is exposed to a number of weather conditions. Whilst all necessary measures will be taken to ensure the security and protection of your pieces, exhibitors need to bear in mind that this is a public art exhibition, held outdoors. Artists are responsible for maintaining their exhibits in a presentable condition, including repairing damage, for the duration of the exhibition. Sculptors may risk being subjected to handling/touching and as the site is in the open, it may be exposed to a number of weather conditions including high winds and rain. Sculptural works will, therefore, need to be of strong construction and, most importantly, not present a risk to public safety. As such, sharp edges and protrusion points and unstable constructions should be avoided. Any glass will need to be zone toughened. Sculptures at Killalea reserves the right to reject any sculptures it believes will present an unacceptable level of risk to public safety. Works that are deemed to present significant risk will not necessarily be rejected but maybe exhibited subject to the artist agreeing to the implementation of risk management strategies such as the flagging of guy ropes or roping off the exhibit. However, artists may consider that this will detract from the intended visual effect and, if so, should opt for low-risk designs.


Site selection will be determined in the first instance by the site requirements of the sculpture as detailed above. Exhibiting artists who need to carry out earthworks to install their work should seek prior approval from Sculptures at Killalea Management. Preferred site selections can be indicated on the attached map but cannot be guaranteed. Alternatively, site selection can be made by the artists on the installation day, although first preference will be given to those who have pre-selected sites.




Sculptures at Killalea will make every effort possible, including regular patrols, to protect exhibits from vandalism or theft. However, its resources and manpower will be limited and it cannot guarantee 24-hour surveillance. It is, therefore, a condition of the exhibition that the artist accepts full liability for theft of and/or damage to their exhibit. Sculptures at Killalea reserves the right to move or remove sculptures for any reason, including, but not limited to, public safety concerns. By agreeing to the conditions of entry, the artist authorises the handling of his or her sculpture by the Management Committee’s volunteer workers and accepts full liability for any damage that may result.




Exhibiting artists are encouraged to price their work for sale. In 2020, all sales will incur a 15% commission on sales made throughout the event.



All exhibiting artists will be responsible for arranging their own accommodation. Those artists seeking accommodation in hotels or motels are advised to make bookings well in advance.

Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of $30 +GST for each artist and an additional $10 for all additional works is applicable and must be submitted upon application. No late submissions will be accepted


All work chosen for the exhibition is based on the quality of the proposed work as expressed by the submission and the festival committee.  The selection will be undertaken upon the receipt of the signed entry form and fee.