As you would be all too aware, the Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the nation in recent weeks and as a result, several events have been forced to cancel or postpone, the domino effect of this has been crippling.

Right now, as far as timings go, we're more than 6 months away and hopeful that things will be 'back to normal' by September (11th - 22nd), however, we need this time to begin vital preparations for the year and as you can appreciate, current circumstances make asking for financial support and partnerships VERY difficult, which puts additional pressure on a tiny team and even more pressure on an already tiny budget.

I also appreciate that the arts are being hit hard by this downturn and business is a long way removed from usual and this is why we are working harder than ever to do our part to help.

Despite the uncertainties, we remain committed. 

The plans for 2020 continue and we are working on ways we can tweak and tailor the event (at least for this year) to ensure it's possible and we can continue to be a platform for business and corporates; we can continue to be a platform for the artists to showcase and sell their works and we can continue to support the arts and give people a chance to get out and spend time with the ones they love in a place that's loved by many... and oh, do we appreciate that more than ever right now!

Right now, we can't guarantee the festival will go ahead, but we're going to find ANY possible outlet to give it every chance to do so. 


Having an idea of where artists are at right now or how the Coronavirus has changed the arts landscape, helps us better understand the chances we have of putting on a successful event. 

Please, if you have a moment and can let us know if you are interested in exhibiting that would be great (and feel free to let us know your thoughts on the matter too). 

This is NOT an application. We don't need your works and by no means is this a contract, it's just an indication and gives us an idea of how - and if - we can move forward during this crisis. 

Thank you in advance for your time and support and we assure you, we're committed to bringing this event to life in 2020. 

Don't hesitate to contact us anytime if you wish to discuss any of this further or if you have any additional questions - or ideas - to bring this to life in current conditions. We're listening!

Please, stay healthy, safe and hopefully, we see you, en masse, in September!

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Sculptures at Killalea is the copyright of Kao Kreative.